Gillies St Main Campus & Farm/Senior Campus: - Phone (03) 5334 1302

home option vintage soulOur Engagement Team consists of a range of Educational Professionals including a Learning Specialist, Occupational Therapist, Engagement Teacher and Engagement Educational Support Staff. The Engagement Team works in collaboration with the Well-being & Allied Health teams and is part of the Integrated Services Team.

The Engagement Team primarily offers curriculum focussed interventions. We offer tier 1, 2 & 3 interventions focussed on the Personal & Social Capabilities Curriculum based on student referrals to the Integrated Services Team. These individual or group interventions incorporate elements of The Zones of Regulation Framework, Positive Behavioural Interventions and Supports and Respectful Relationships.

Through observation, data collection, functional behaviour analysis, intervention planning, staff coaching and education we aim to build the capacity of all staff to understand and support the behavioural and engagement needs of students. Utilising the Personal and Social Capabilities Curriculum in a meaningful and individualised way, the Engagement Team supports all students in accessing all areas of the curriculum through targeted supports and interventions.

A three-tiered response-to-intervention model is used to support students across the school:

  • Tier 3 or the individualised, intensive supports (e.g. Check-In Check-Out, Reengagement programs, Flexible Learning Options, Student Support Plans)
  • Tier 2 or targeted, supplemented supports through group programming or adapted timetabling (e.g. Equine Connected Learning, Individual Behaviour Support Plans)
  • Tier 1 or whole school programming supports, integrated into the curriculum and classroom (e.g. PBIS reinforcement system, Respectful Relationships, Zones of Regulation)

All supports are formalised and prioritised by completing a referral. Referrals for Engagement support can be made by teachers or parents/carers. Parents/carers can contact their child’s teacher, the Wellbeing and Engagement Learning Specialist or the IST Administration Officer.