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home option vintage soulUnder the Education and Training Reform Act 2006 (Vic), every school council must prepare a school plan, the School Strategic Plan (SSP), which sets out the school’s goals and targets for the next four years, and the strategies to achieve those goals and targets.
To support the achievement of the four year goals, targets and Key Improvement Strategies (KIS) of the SSP, all schools are required to develop an AIP by the end of Term 4 each year.

In addition to the SSP, the AIP is informed by an end of year assessment undertaken by schools against their existing AIP, to identify what is working well and areas for further effort to improve student outcomes.

The AIP outlines the four year goals, targets and KIS selected for focus in the coming year, the 12 month targets that will support the school to progress towards the four year targets of the SSP, and actions to support their implementation.

The development of the new AIP and ongoing monitoring of progress, including collection of evidence of impact, is led by the School Improvement Team and informed by school-wide input, discussion and feedback.

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