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home option vintage soulSpecialist Programs are an integral component of the school's curriculum and the learning programs in these areas. The areas encompass Physical Education, Performing Arts, Visual Art and Science.

The programs in each specialist area tap into each student's zone of proximal development, and lessons are tailored to meet individual students' interests and learning needs. The school's curriculum maps determine the focus for each semester and the stage of learning for each group determines the skill and knowledge foci.

Key to learning in the specialist areas is the belief that experience and participation in various disciplines with a particular focus on enjoyment and engagement empowers our students and provides them with a broad and fulfilling education.

The Physical Education program utilises both the small and large gymnasium as well as outside areas. Our students also can participate in inter-school sporting activities, including athletics, swimming and cross county.

The Performing Arts program encompasses Dance, Drama and Music. The school's curriculum map determines which aspect is covered each term and the learning stage of each group determines the skill and knowledge foci. Like all specialist programs, the performing arts offer a hands-on and fun learning opportunity where students experience and learn about expression in creative contexts.

Likewise, in Visual Arts, the school's curriculum map determines the skills and foci to be covered each term. Students are exposed to art theory and engage in many stimulating practical experiences to explore, experiment, construct and create.

The specialist Science program exposes our students to learning in the science disciplines. The school's curriculum maps drive the implementation of each of the sciences. The program focuses on a fun and hands-on approach to learning and developing skills and knowledge in a practical context