Gillies St Main Campus & Farm/Senior Campus: - Phone (03) 5334 1302

Our Senior School Campus, 800 Norman Street, Invermay Park, is home to the FARM Training Café.

During the academic year, the café is open Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 2:30pm.

Experienced teachers in hospitality work in our café, supervising our students as they develop a range of job skills.

Students receive instruction in all facets of safe food handling, workplace safety and the application of various culinary techniques that are necessary in the hospitality sector. Students and staff work together as a team to manufacture and prepare high-quality meals for a large number of consumers and outside catering orders.

The majority of the food served in our café is prepared and cooked in the will-equipped commercial kitchens of the hospitality department. We are grateful for the assistance of the school community and the general public, and we offer a wide selection of delectable foods and beverages.

The following certificates are being pursued by the students who work in the café: Certificate II in Cookery, Certificate I in Hospitality, and Certificate I and II in Work Skills.

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