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Welcome to the Middle School:

We acknowledge and appreciate the Wadawurrung land on which we learn each day. We are thankful for a space to call home.

Currently located in the portable section of the school during the capital works, we cater for students ranging from 12 to 15 years of age in Years 7 to 9. Within classes, students are grouped with peers of a similar age with various abilities. Though our environment is small, we pride ourselves on being a tight-knit and supportive community- likening ourselves more to a family than to a mini-school.

Our staff and students operate under the school tenets of 'Respect, Responsibility and Safety', and we aim to create positive interactions between all members of the Middle School. We are committed to creating an inclusive, challenging and supportive learning environment for every student.

We teach students at their point of need, focusing on skills that will assist them in their senior years of schooling and their life after school.

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Curriculum in the Middle School

In each section of the school, the student's learning stage is identified, and as they move through the school, they take increasing responsibility for their learning. Typically, the Middle School curriculum focuses on the 'Me as a Learner' stage, and students are encouraged to develop skills, knowledge and strategies that will further enable them to build upon what they already know. At this stage, instruction collaborates between teachers, students and peers to facilitate learning.

Teaching and learning in Middle School strongly focus on improving the Literacy and Numeracy outcomes in the Victorian Curriculum. The teaching foci for each term are based on the school's Curriculum map, developed by the school's Learning Specialists. The teaching and learning programs are tailored to individual learning goals catering for all types of learners.

Students are exposed to all curriculum areas outlined in our Curriculum maps, such as English, Mathematics, Health, History, Humanities and Respectful Relationships. Each morning, classes across Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) participate in streamed Literacy and Numeracy. Students engage with various teachers and student groups in targeted learning experiences that meet each individual at their point of need.

Weekly Specialist classes provide our students with immersive learning experiences targeted at curriculum areas such as Science and Geography.

The MPLC1 cohort is involved in VET "taster" programs that allow students to experience and gauge the vocational areas of interest for study before their commencement at the Ballarat Specialist School FARM Campus. Each Year 9 student will be able to make an informed decision and commitment to a VET course by the end of their Gillies Street journey.




Middle School Events

Weekly Assembly
The weekly assembly is led by the Leading Teacher and Year 9 Captains. We acknowledge the winners of the SWPBIS draw and our Staff and Student of the Week winners.

Re-Cranked Program
The YMCA's program builds teamwork and confidence in a hands-on learning experience. Students learn to repair and service the school bikes (and their bikes), allowing our Bike Education unit to occur.

Soccer Program
Our students learn about teamwork and have a go in a teacher-led program each Thursday afternoon during the warmer months in Middle School.

Active Afternoons
The students engage in various sports activities, where they develop their skills and knowledge in a fun and engaging way.

Community Engagement
Middle School students connect with their local community through excursions and programs.

And so much more!

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Camps and Excursions

Students in the Middle School have a range of opportunities to attend camps and excursions. These are considered an important part of the curriculum and an integral component of personal development.

Camps and excursions are sequenced with the curriculum to provide opportunities for diverse experiences, and we are constantly identifying more opportunities to engage with.

Classrooms will also develop a Community Access program. Students venture into the community to allow them to experience and participate in many activities. These activities support the curriculum and increase our opportunity to focus on essential skills like money handling, transportation and personal safety in the community.

Mini School Events

  • SEDA Sports Program
  • Leadership Program
  • Woolies Program
  • Active Afternoons
  • Healthy Harold Life Education
  • Middle School Choir
  • Re-Cranked Program
  • Weekly Assemblies


  • Year 7 Camp to Creswick Log Cabin
  • Year 7 and 8 Excursion to the Movies
  • Year 8 Day Excursion to Melbourne Skydeck
  • Year 9 Camp to Cave Hill Creek
  • Year 9 Captains
  • Year 9 Jackets
  • Year 9 Graduation
  • MPLC 1 VET Taster Program
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