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2023 09 news awards 0131 of our Senior School Music students participated and hosted the Royal South Street All Abilities Performing Arts Eisteddfod Extravaganza over the 6th and 7th of September 2023 at the FARM campus.
The event was co-planned with Melba Performing Arts and the 2023 VET Music Students. The community came out in droves with standing room only left up the back for majority of the schedule performances.
Through collaboration, it was the 2nd year where the Eisteddfod decided to move away from the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place structure and instead move towards awards that recognised growth, attitude, potential and originality.

Out of the 42 acts performed over the 2 days, our students were recognised with 14 different awards that were well deserved for both their individual and group work, dedication and attitude.

Not only were the staff proud of the students during their acts, but even more so of the positivity, support and encouragement they showed each other.

  • Encouragement Award - Tianna - Vocal Solo - Firework
  • Encouragement Award - 'The Baby Bears' (Sky and Michael) - Duo - Forever After All
  • Encouragement Award - Faith - Vocal Solo - Titanium
  • Encouragement Award - The Blood Thirsty Bats (Christine, Josh, Jaspa, Jessica, Michael, Dylan, Braiyden, Owen, Sky Scofield ) - Big Band Number - Demons


  • Rising Star Award - Dylan - Solo performance, self accompanied vocal performance - Perfect
  • Rising Star Award - Owen - Drum Solo - Do What You Like
  • Rising Star Award - 'The Bing Bongs' (Tahlia and Shakira) - Duo - Love Story
  • Original Take Award - Jaspa - Vocal Solo - Lovely


  • Leadership in the Arts Award - BSS Dance Group (Dance Cap PLC1: Jessica & Dance Cap PLC2: Isabell + Taj Hayley, Blake , Aaliya, Em, Tianna, Emma, Faith, Sophie) -Group Dance - Black Magic
  • Leadership in the Arts Award - Braiyden - Guitar Solo - Hold the Line


  • Participation Award for an amazing Performance - Calais - Vocal Solo - She Used to be Mine
  • Participation Award for an amazing Performance - Sky - Vocal Solo - Sober
  • Participation Award for an amazing Performance - Dylan and Jordan - Duo - Hallelujah and mid show entertainment Bob marly Medley.


  • Attitude is Everything Award - BSS Junk Band (Jordan, Loughlin, Paige, Tianna, Darcy, Emma, Blake, Charlotte) - We Will Rock You