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 2022 11 news vet programOver the past four weeks our Grade 6 students have been participating in an Art Therapy program which has been focusing on supporting their transition from Primary School into Middle School. Each week had a different focus for the students to express themselves through art work; creating a safe space, my chill/Zen place, gratitude boxes and celebration/achievements.

Below are photos of the students art work along with comments from students who participated in the program:

Olivia– I liked everything.
Tipene– It was great. I liked creating new things.
Peter– I liked painting my hands with blue crayon.
Jack- I liked doing the happy boxes.
Blair – Painting party hat.
Manon – I thought it was nice and I enjoyed it. I liked creating all of the art but I didn’t like missing out on play.
Robbie – I liked doing painting and making my magic box.
Kaden – I liked doing the painting.
Cameron – I liked Annette, she looked adorable. I liked making the graduation hat
Grady – Making the graduation hat was cool.
Harper – I liked drawing balloons.
Lincoln – I liked the art.
Ethan – I liked talking about feelings like being nervous and I liked drawing about my feelings and breathing. It was peaceful. Annette was nice.