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2021 09 special event mainAt Ballarat Specialist School our positive mindset and can do attitude has again ensured our students and staff have been able to put together an amazing show. We have no doubt that your feet will start tapping and before you know it you will be rocking along to our Senior School Virtual 2021 Production “Born to Rock”

We are well equipped to modify plans and although the destination has changed from a live performance to a virtual one, all students should be extremely proud of the journey they have been on. They have once again demonstrated their resilience and their ability to make the most of a challenging situation.

A winning effort always begins with preparation; the students’ preparation in their regular and at times irregular rehearsals due to lockdowns, shows their passion for performing. We are very fortunate to have wonderful supportive staff who have continued to facilitate such an experience for our students. We would particularly like to acknowledge and congratulate our production team. Amy Jeffreys who is our Director, Chris Bond our Musical Director and Editor, Alex Gay our Choreographer, Katie Howard our Programme designer, Wendy Gordon our Assistant Director and the involved staff for all their assistance. You have all demonstrated a high degree of adaptability and creativity during this production and we appreciate it immensely.

Finally, to the stars of the show, the students. You should be proud of the dedication you have continued to exhibit; starting something and having it changed, demonstrates your ability to persevere when working together and that is something special. Whether you are up on stage in the spotlight or behind the scenes working off camera, you all have played a significant role in ensuring the show still went on.

Underpinning our school is safety, respect and responsibility and these values have shone brightly throughout the rehearsals, filming and the final edit of the show. We are excited to share with you our 2021 Virtual Production “Born to Rock”

Rock on!

Mat Gannon and Tegan Winzar

Senior School Leadership

2021 09 Special Event 01