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news 2020 12 seniorWOW! What a jam-packed couple of weeks we have had in the Senior School, so much to celebrate!

Firstly, an absolutely amazing performance by the whole High School Musical production. The students did a spectacular job of learning songs, dances and lines to put on a show stopping performance.

Last week, our Year 12 students from across the whole mini-school went to Log Cabin Camp located in Creswick. The students unanimously stated that it was the best camp ever! They had a great time experiencing challenging activities, working as a team to complete activities and spending time as a cohort. Thank you to all the staff who went along and assisted in providing our students with a memorable experience.

We are commencing a Police in Schools partnership with the police station next door. The police have reached out and we are in the initial stages of developing this partnership. Some Year 11 and 12 students met with two constables to discuss current concerns, both positive and negative experiences, and the different types of police officers, as well as get a run down on the equipment the police wear and use. The students were very engaged in the session and we look forward to continuing this partnership into 2021.

Last week our SPLT3 classes went to the Ballarat Wildlife Park. The students had a great time interacting with the animals as well as being out in the community. The weather was perfect for the occasion.

CONGRATULATIONS to our Year 12s on their Graduation. Students were presented and celebrated at a ceremony on Thursday 26th November. This was recorded and will be available for families to view – please see further information via an email. You are able to purchase a DVD of the ceremony through QKR, this will then be available for you to collect from the school a week later. A special mention to the following students who received awards:

  • Ebony Grigsby - Peter Lea Wood award
  • Ellen Jackson – VET Encouragement award
  • Grace Geljon – Female Empowerment award
  • Nicholas Fox - VCAL Encouragement SPLT1
  • James Pendred - VCAL Encouragement SPLT2
  • Claudia Coulson - SPLT3 Encouragement
  • Ryan Atkins - REP Encouragement
  • Kieran Payne. Ellen Jackson, James Wilson, Jess Roberts, Daniel Jackson, Jason Douglas, Jacob Taylor, Cooper Barling, Ebony Lang, Courtney Beaton, Amara Lyndon, Felicia Jolly-Bethune, Ebony Grigsby – who successfully completed their VET courses
  • Jason Douglas, James Pendred, Tom Williams, Paul Dixon, Nick Burt, Grace Geljon, Cooper Barling, Paige Bridges, Lachlan Musgrove, Madilyn Hunt – who successfully completed units of competencies through VET taster courses

Friday marked the final day for our Year 11 and 12 students; we wish them all the best for the holidays. To our Year 12s, what a year?! You have continued to show resilience, flexibility and a positive attitude despite the year we have had. From all the staff at BSS we wish you every success on whichever road you take next. We hope you leave with a lifetime of fond memories and we know you will be missed. Good luck for the future and we can’t wait to hear about your next steps!

Visit VCAL transition program: over the next three weeks the Year 9 students from Gillies Street will be coming to the FARM to experience life as a senior school student. Year 10 students will be in classes with the Year 9s and will be rotating through teachers. This is a fantastic opportunity for students to reconnect with peers and get to know each other before the commencement of the 2021 school year.

Significant dates for Term 4:

  • Friday 4th December: Curriculum Day
  • Friday 18th December: Year 10's final day

All the Senior School Staff.